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OverHillandDale 06-17-2016 07:13 PM

COTM - #265 - October, Heaven, and Genfuoco
Greetings friends.

A mixed bag of this week. I have 2 'new to the Moon' adds and a new to me album I heard for the first time on the Moon.

I start with the group October. This is a new addition to the moon. This group is from Detroit, Michigan, forming at the end of the 70's. Their sound is a mix of Symphonic Rock and Jazz Fusion. This group kind of hit the scene just at the wrong moment as the music scene was shifting away from Prog and Fusion was softening. Their two albums were very limited releases so they are very rare and sought after in vinyl form. 50 of the album covers for our album today, After The Fall, were hand painted. This album was released in 1980.

Next up is a group from 1971 that has been in the Moon library for quite a while now, but I had not noticed them. They popped up in the playlist one day on the Moon and it was like 'who are they?' The lead singer sounded a little like Jon Anderson or perhaps more like Kayak's lead singer, Max Werner. Their style is of Chicago, BS&T or Lighthouse. They only produced on album and it was released in 1971. Their live debut came at the Isle of Wight and they were signed to a recording contract as a result. The 5-piece brass section is rock solid.

Finishing off the show is a new to the moon add that was suggested by our sweet Seikila. The group is Genfuoco and they are part of Rock Progressivo Italiano. Their style is full of fusion, symphonic rock while using folk instruments to smooth out the sound. They released only the one studio album in 1979 entitled Dentro L'invisibile. There was also a live album released in 2001 that contained recordings from 1976-78.

I do hope you enjoy this mixed bag. See you on the Radio.

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