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nicola 04-01-2018 04:39 PM

Antoine Baril 17’11’’ Fantastic medley
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I recommend those who do not know Antoine Baril

to listen to this fantastic Medley

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Antoine Baril .... Multi-instrumentalist of considerable value ...

Deep admiration for his musical talent

I am convinced that if the Genesis would only listen to the audio of this medley they would exchange it for their own track

Excellent also the choice of the pieces included in the medley interpreted, mostly with original instruments

Played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Antoine Baril
Filming and video editing by Antoine Baril
Produced at Hemisphere Studio, Quebec, QC, Canada

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Description Antoine Baril from the Hemisphere Studio website

“With over 20 years of live experience and more than 10 years in recording and producing, Antoine Baril is known for his passion and devotion regarding his musical projects and the people with which he works.
An accomplished musician and multi-instrumentist, Antoine acquired extensive experience as a drummer while he toured North America, playing in some of the most legendary venues. Antoine also worked several years as a stage carpenter, technical director, and a light and sound technician. In addition, aided by multimedia studies, Antoine developed skills that apply the latest software technologies to all domains related to music such as graphic design and web programming.These experiences and skills make Antoine Baril an outstanding resource person for a professional production and a perfect coach to make the right choices to realize the most ambitious artist's challenge.”

Antoine Baril was a drummer in the Augury and From Dying Suns groups and as a guitarist for the Contemplator group ....
and other participations but always in the heavy metal genre ....

Music not playable and very similar to an annoying noise ....
Most of his studio's clients are heavy metal.

Antoine Baril declares that his main musical instrument is the Drums but has high capacities in many other musical instruments ...

I understand that he has to frequent the heavy metal world to support the recording studio's future ... but I think he should try the progressive rock genre keyboards in a group and start producing songs always with his technique of multi-instrumental where it is exaggeratedly capable ...
I'm sure it would have a significant positive feedback

Try Antoine ...

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I also recommend these two videos

Vince Dicola Medley
Wot Gorilla?

mailotron 04-04-2018 07:48 PM

Re: Antoine Baril 17’11’’ Fantastic medley
grazie Nicola , awesome work

nicola 04-08-2018 08:34 AM

Re: Antoine Baril 17’11’’ Fantastic medley
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Attachment 1000

Art will certainly not agree with my post

the harsh climate of Canada invites more to stay at home than to go out and this favors those who decide to devote their time to learning musical instruments and the production of music ....

Without a doubt Antoine Baril took advantage of the climate to achieve his ability to use many instruments ...
but Canada has given us many high quality prog bands and music ....
If indeed this is also linked to the very rigid climate ....

For the good of Prog Music ... ..
welcome the 30 degrees below zero

Art ... the previous sentence is just a way of saying ....
A few more weeks and then finally you can enjoy a well deserved spring

artw 04-08-2018 01:05 PM

Re: Antoine Baril 17’11’’ Fantastic medley
I put it on at work the other day and got busy with something (wasn't watching). At some point I suddenly realized I wasn't listening to Genesis!

Great player / drummer!

Re: the weather, hopefully this week the predictions will come true and it will start to get above freezing (during the day at least!).


mariocc 04-08-2018 01:51 PM

Re: Antoine Baril 17’11’’ Fantastic medley
nice nico,,, but I can t find ART in the picture

nicola 04-08-2018 03:22 PM

Re: Antoine Baril 17’11’’ Fantastic medley
mariocc .... Art is covered by snow ... I'm joking of course

nicola 07-24-2020 04:29 PM

Re: Antoine Baril 17’11’’ Fantastic medley
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... Still a jewel by a great multi-instrumentalist Antoine Baril
..... this time 19:48 minutes of a medley of YES hits
.... I still don't understand why one of his abilities should be
satisfied with the likes of youtube ...
for me not only is he an excellent performer
... but he could very well try his hand at creating original songs
... I still hope that he does it ...
I'm curious and sure of an excellent result
... I sent my message through the Universe Effects
that frequent him very often
.... very agree on the final piece of the medley ... Endless Dream
... that I consider the piece that most represents the YES ...
.... of course Antoine Baril from

Attachment 1178

Mike413 07-24-2020 09:39 PM

Re: Antoine Baril 17’11’’ Fantastic medley
Oh yeah, he has a Genesis medley and then eventually put out a Yes medley. What other medleys has he done? Did he do a Rush medley?

nicola 07-25-2020 01:36 AM

Re: Antoine Baril 17’11’’ Fantastic medley
Hi Mike,

if you search on youtube "Medley Rush Antoine Baril" you will find it

... it is 11:42 minutes recorded in 2015,

I prefer the medley on Genesis and the recent medley on Yes

.... the medley are entirely Played, arranged

...... recorded, mixed and mastered by Antoine Baril

which is his main activity having a recording studio

which is mainly frequented by prog_metal and metal groups

... in other covers he is accompanied by excellent members

of the Universe Effects to which he recorded and mixed

the first of their two albums


nicola 10-15-2022 09:25 AM

Re: Antoine Baril 17’11’’ Fantastic medley
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I have been following Antoine Baril for some time now and he continues to amaze me with his skill and among his publications on youtube I particularly appreciated ONE MAN GENESIS and ONE MAN YES a medley of songs in which Antoine plays all the instruments masterfully assembled in two videos where in some of his song customizations even surpasses the original ....
Antoine starts from his first love the drums and then uses all the other instruments, I like it above all as a keyboard player
and here's your chance to agree with me
offer him the chance to try his hand at a medley of
songs by the most famous keyboardist Keith Emerson of which it is difficult to resign oneself to his absence
and they offer him this possibility by making him use the same tools that Keith used ....
a very big emotion that will bring him
to make a ONE MAN ELP medley very soon
certainly brilliant
Antoine accepts this possibility and in the backstage video of the days spent in this studio he shows that he already has a good feeling with these instruments that have contributed to making rock history ....
I still continued to enhance his qualities as a multi-instrumentalist by trying his hand at important songs but I would like him to try to compose tracks of him, someone like him in my opinion could do it and do it very well

…. I like to share some comments on Baril's medleys from with which I fully agree with those
who have had the same feelings as me

Archie Cocke:
“If there is a doctorate degree in prog rock, this man has it.”
Sander Molenberg:
“The church organ part never fails to move me and make me tear up. It's so majestic and now to hear it being played on this magnificent church organ was absolutely incredible.”
Rob Zittlau:
"From Rush to Genesis and now Yes, I'm speechless. From somebody that has worked in Video Production for now 40 years, I can only image the amount of hours that was put into producing this masterpiece. From the performance, to the audio mix, to the camera work and then the editing, I'm very impressed. How anyone would give this a thumbs down must be deaf, dumb and blind."
George Schaffer:
"Are you freaking kidding me? Probably the most amazing thing I've seen in musicianship in a very very long time!
You are a musical genius sir!"

"So much incredible talent in one human being. Is this not the ultimate fantasy of every serious musician - to be able to play any instrument that makes music with such finesse, precision and passion And, not only that, but to play some of the greatest music written in our lifetime! Bravo, Antoine. Bravo!"
William Horback:
"If he starts singing like Jon Anderson, I am going to pass out!"
Matthew Haislip:
"This also shows how epic Talk is! A lot of fans don’t like it, but it is one of the greatest Yes albums ever to me!:"

****… .And in any case if the formations of the best Genesis or Yes were still current…. They would have had a superlative wild card at their disposal who would have been ready to replace them on a long live tour for a hypothetical rest day for one of them ... he would certainly have been up to the task

in the video you can see both the approaches to instrumentation by Antoine Baril and the description of other instruments used by Keith Emerson and also asked by Antoine Baril to be made available to give a personalized color in some points of the medley that will create

for the rest, all that remains is to wait for the final product .....
ONE MAN ELP !!!! Come on Antoine .....


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