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deSousa 11-07-2014 04:05 AM

Any info on Vince Vrbancic ?
I heard Vince Vrbancic for the first time at Aural Moon a couple of days ago; he seems to have quite a good deal of rotation here, but I never caught it before. His guitar playing sounds very German (e.g. Schenker, Roth) creating some exquisite spacey atmospheres.

I have been after his LP (there are at least two, released around the turn of the century) but I can not find it anywhere, web stores, streaming services, CD stores, nothing; it is like the guy never existed. But the LP were uploaded to YouTube and one can hear the whole thing there, with decent quality.

Any information on this musician would be appreciated. Track listings would, for instance, allow to create a play list at YT.


TheFish 11-07-2014 06:30 PM

Re: Any info on Vince Vrbancic ?
I found some sites that sell tracks. Quite a few actually. But when it comes down to finding an actual CD or other media, I fear you are correct my friend.

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