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mariocc 08-18-2020 09:23 PM

Julian Bream
Just a small tribute to the last classic guitar player, like Segovia years ago,, were well known as a virtuosos. Big part of XX Bream was one of the top 3 classic guitar players,,tons of recordings. He expanded the repertoire for classic guitar,,,also a remarkable lute player.

I heard him for first time late 80s because an article in Guitar Player magazine,,, I m not familiar with classic repertoire but listening to him always was and is a nice experience.

"The last 10 years of my life, from 70 to 80, have been the most interesting because I have only done what I wanted to do. I have cut away what I call the excess stuff in my life. I'm quite reflective – I listen to music, I read, I walk with Django.'I'm a better musician now than when I was 70'"

artw 08-20-2020 11:53 AM

Re: Julian Bream
Thanks amigo ... haven't heard his name in a long time! He was an amazing player!

mariocc 08-25-2020 06:16 AM

Re: Julian Bream

just if some friend wants to go a little further


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