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OverHillandDale 04-27-2018 07:14 PM

COTM - #431 - Encore #380 - Time, Soma, 5:01 AM
This week's Corner is an encore presentation of show #380 from just about a year ago. I hope you'll enjoy getting reintroduced to the groups in this show.



Greetings Moon Pals!

This weeks show is featuring some new finds I have run across and added to the moon.

1st Up is a group named Time. They are from what used to be Yugoslavia and they are considered the first progressive rock band of that area. The album is Self-Titled and was released in 1972. It enjoys all the usual blends of Rock and Jazz.

Soma is the next band. They formed in the UK around 1991. The band featured Guitarist/Vocalist Sean Filkins (later to join Lorien and Big Big Train). Their 2nd album is titled Dreamtime and was release in 1992. The band is labeled as Psychedelic/Space Rock so enjoy your travels with them.

Our third group for the show is from Netherlands. They are one of the early Neo-Prog groups, but they were short-lived (just two releases). Their first release was an EP called The Circle. It was released in 1994. The follow-up full album came in 1996 and was entitled 21st Century Dream. I will be playing the EP The Circle.

I hope you enjoy my little round-ups in the world of prog.


Happiness is a worn pun!

mailotron 04-28-2018 10:36 PM

Re: COTM - #431 - Encore #380 - Time, Soma, 5:01 AM
tonite is sum time :-)

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