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lotus 05-09-2014 04:36 PM

Steve Hackett in Bochum on May 9, 2014
We just returned from the Genesis revisited II gig in Bochum. The venue took place in the congress hall and was sold out. (I estimate around 2000 ppl). We had excellent seats in row 7, so very near to the stage.

We saw SH one year ago with the Revisited Tour I and that was just excellent, with only one defect (IMHO): That one was too loud. It hurt sometimes my ears.

This gig now did not hav this problem for me, so I could really enjoy the show.

The line up was this time: Roger King (keys), Nick Beggs (Bass, Chapman stick, guitar), GAry O'Toole (drums), Nad Sylvan (vocals), Robert Townsend (flute, sax) and of course SH.

The show begun with Dance on A volcano, followed by many, many Genesis "Hits" (like Nursery Cryme, Foxtrot, Selling England by The Pound, Trick of The Tail, and the epic The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Firth of Fifth etc). Last tune of the official part was Supper's ready in it's whole length. The encore ended with the Los Endos in a fantastic version.

It was an absolute great evening, with magnificent musicians, with a Nad Sylvan at his best (somebody say, that he is the second Peter Gabriel, but this is not true: He is Nad Sylvan, a excellent singer, which you can compare in his quality to a Peter Gabriel, but with his own, particular voice and character. He is an original, not a cover!). Nick Beggs (this time without his leather kilt) was a highlight too, as well as the other three. SH, as always, THE maestro on the guitars....

We enjoyed the whole evening just a lot...

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