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Re: Take action! against recent copyright ruling

Originally Posted by kirk View Post
Sorry Jim. This is sickening.
This is the goddamned RIAA, trying to stop the hemmorage.
I'm seeing a lot of effort on my, and many other indies
circling the bowl along w/ you.

Here's a link to better explain the situation to all-

One thing I may have missed, but didn't see mentioned,
is that the ruling is retroactive to Jan. 2006....
meaning that station owners owe someone a ton of money
even if they halt operations immediately.

My guess is, they'll drag RadioParadise, or one of the other biggies
into court, make an example of them to scare the crap out of
the rest of you.

The only solution I can see is to decentralize the server points
stream directly from multiple sites/computers ala some of the surviving
DVD piracy sites.
Vax- Is that possible?

I'm concerned with the ripple-down effect this will have. There are stream replication services that, once people start taking down their stations, will fail. In turn, these replication services are big subscribers to internet pipeline providers. This CRB decision will affect many things. Even *IF* every track that falls under the auspices of the RIAA was removed from the Aural Moon library (removing AM's indebtedness to these bastards), I fear that the replication services -- being hit by others pulling out -- will increase fees. I think we are all in a no win/no win situation unless the CRB reverses this rate decision. As I see it, we all have a snowball's chance in hell of that happening. Sorry for being the harbinger of such a dismal destiny.

*If* there was a viable and affordable replication service outside the US, it would be a possible avenue to avoid this "blood money leeching" from the RIAA leeches.

FWIW, I did write my 2 senators (both worthless shits) and my congressman Chris Smith.
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