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Re: Take action! against recent copyright ruling

Originally Posted by VAXman View Post
I think we are all in a no win/no win situation unless the CRB reverses this rate decision. As I see it, we all have a snowball's chance in hell of that happening.
Agreed. The RIAA's losing billions per year to the CD's decline.
Internet radio's easy pickings compared to Itunes, ect.
which is controllable by crawling into bed w/.

*If* there was a viable and affordable replication service outside the US, it would be
a possible avenue to avoid this "blood money leeching" from the RIAA leeches.
Or move the ISP/server to a Euro site, former Communist-
bloc country, or the Phillipines...?

I'm not that up on this end of the tech, but maybe i can
get lucky, spark an idea.

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