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Re: Take action! against recent copyright ruling

Originally Posted by Roger -Dot- Lee View Post
He's got ya there.

I only wish I shared in your optimism.
Dante Alighieri popularized the seven deadly sins in his Divine Comedy.

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride.

Money is just a modern mechanism for the measurement of these sins. Lust for it. Greed to a acquire it. Gluttony for more of it. Envy of it. I'm sure you could probably apply the rest of them too. Money, itself, is just a medium of exchange. When one says money is the root of all evil, they speak to the various sins as I've described.

As for Optimism, I used to have abundant optimism. I think my cistern of optimism was finally drained dry the 3rd year I was in federal court. Remember David and Goliath? No, not the silly claymation, the story of little David doing battle with the giant Golliath. It is JUST a story. That's why my optimism is all dried up.
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