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Re: Take action! against recent copyright ruling

Originally Posted by Rick and Roll View Post
I find it difficult to imagine a retraoctive law being enforcable when there was no willful malice.
I've been reading and rereading Title 17 and, specifically, the sections which apply to these "royalties". A law is not enforceable ex post facto. This is not technically a law; it is that the LoC CRB granted an increase of fees already being collected. It may be that since the RIAA petitioned the LoC CRB and it took 2 years of their (the RIAA's) coercion of the LoC CRB to get their way, these fees may actually be applicable retroactively.

Gawd I hate lawyers. What is needed is a class legal action by all of the internet radio stations to get this nonsense put to bed. Sadly, it would require a really good IP lawyer(s) to squash this. I'd wager that if everyone who enjoys listening to internet radio coughed up $10 for the stream they are using, the collected amount might be enough to retain such legal representation. I'd caution against this because lawyering is about 2 things and 2 things only: greed and money. Once retained, these lawyers would drag this on ad infinitum -- if they could -- but the money on "our" side would be quickly depleted and we'd all be back in the same proverbial fecal infested waterway without a handheld propelling implement.

Trust me on this. I spent 3.5 years in US Federal Court (Fed. Justice Garrett E. Brown). When everybody's pockets were emptied, the parties went off feeling ill-used and the lawyers well funded. Judge G.E.B. remained the fuckwit he always was.
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