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Re: Take action! against recent copyright ruling

Originally Posted by MrMagoo View Post
The judge refused to reconsider the previous ruling on Monday, so 5/15 is doomsday unless the Congress-critters decide to play
I don't understand fully we're considered the same as live 365 etc. We accept no advertising and receive no money on sales. Non-profit is a misnomer, they sell product. We do not sell product.

I wonder if the RIAA is fully aware of all of the song sharing out there. And I wish bands would wake up and see what's going on. They're all trying to be so bent on making it big (ie Magenta) that they don't realize what a benefit internet radio is, and how their music is ripped off all the time with these websites that steal and re-sell their music.

The sentence about "terrestrial radio" is seen as a benefit to the artist (and we're not) makes me laugh.

This is my last post on this item. Whatever happens, happens. I can't waste any more mental strain on this stupidity. I'll do what I can, but I'm not hitting a gorilla with a pebble.

Let the artists take up the fight.
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