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Majestic - FREE Download

Hello Moons,

Jeff Hamel has asked (sort of ) to pass on that the new album entitled Labyrinth, is available for free. Also the album Clover Suite is also.

Both of these albums are great. AND Jeff is a moonie! And a real great guy. We must support our own.

Jessica Rasche, (also a moonie) Put in another terrific vocal performance. One of the best female vocals in the biz.

For those not familiar with the band they are one top-notch Neo-prog band.
One of the best around. Jeff is also a member of Proximal Distance. Another excellent prog band. If you enjoy Neo-prog, this is for you. Both have been on NMOM and I highly recommend them.

The album consists of 3 epics that are very richly textured and superbly produced. This is Epic, Epic Prog.

Woo-Hoo! Free Prog! Prog on!
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