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Moon O'Poll 2013 has started

Yes it's time to vote. Please note the instructions under Station news with a list of this year albums as a help.

Send a PM is the number of your top 10 albums listed from no. 10 to no.1. Use the list for help and list the no. If the album isn't on the list you are welcome to get it added by giving the details. Albums allowed are those issued from 1/12-2012 to 1/12-2013.

Voting finishes by January the 5th.

The Album of the year show will be on January 11th at 21.00 UK time or 4 pm EST time. We will be on the air live from 3pm UK time playing loads of music from 2013 and classics. We will also be doing the Bad Joke of the Year don't miss it.
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