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Holiday deal for AM listeners

From Big Shoe Music / Magic Elf: Special Holiday Deal for all Aural Moon members... buy one CD and get either a second CD free or a free t-shirt. (No specific need to "like" our FaceBook page, I know there are a lot of people out there that still aren't on FaceBook and I don't blame them) So, this deal automatically applies to all Aural Mooners... good until the end of the month (December 31, 2013). All they need to do is visit our Big Shoe Music website and purchase whatever products they want, MINUS the one they'd like for free. Then they just need to email us immediately after and tell us which item they'd like for free. That's it, done. Our email address should be working fine now, the glitch we recently had has been fixed.



Note: we are getting low on inventory of our classic Magic Elf shirts and we will likely not reprint these - the shirts are of the very highest quality, 100% cotton Beefy-Ts, nice and soft, and feature the Magic Elf, Heavy Meddle album cover which is a unique piece originally hand-painted by renowned English artist, Ed Org, of Wychwood Brewery fame - soon these shirts will be no more, so... might be a good time for folks to grab some while they can - we have sizes L, XL and XXL only - thank you!
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