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Re: Moon O'Poll 2013 has started

I'm finally finishing my list. I purchased over 300 2013 albums across all genres of progressive rock (I only say this because when I publish my list after the show, some on this station will accuse me of only voting for popular prog bands). I didn't get to listen to them all, but most.

I put a lot of time and effort in making my list and I believe it is very varied genre-wise and has some new bands as well as old. Since most of my favorite all-time prog albums were growers, I'm sure my best-of-2013 list will be very different one, five, ten, twenty years from now.

I noticed that one album that made my top 10 did not make the list published by Rogor, so I guess it is a wasted vote.

After the show, like I've done the past few years, I will start a thread so everyone can publish their top 10 (unless someone beats me to it). Remember, musical taste is a purely a personal and subjective matter. Some people on this station tend to forget that fact sometimes.

I look forward to the chat during the show next week!

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