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Re: The top 20 albums of 2013.

My list has actually changed a bit from the one I sent in for the Moon 'O Poll. The top 5 was not hard, but there were probably another 15 or so from which to chose #'s 6-10.

1. Anima Mundi- The Lamplighter
2. Comedy of Errors- Fanfare and Fantasy
3. La Maschera di Cera- The Gates of Tomorrow(I prefer the English version)
4. Shadow Circus- On a Dark and Stormy Night
5. Kerrs Pink- Mystic Spirit
6. Gandalf's Fist- A Day in the Life of a Universal Wanderer
7. La Tulipe Noire- Matricide
8. The Windmill- The Continuation
9. Believe- The Warmest Sun in Winter
10. Shamall- Turn Off
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