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Talking Re: The top 20 albums of 2013.

There is no doubt. We all have different tastes. I still don't get the Big Big Train & Tangent being so high. Even though COMM was great. I like Ricks idea. Top 100. And Black Sabbath 13! Up there. LOL! Here are my picks. 10-Trix-Deluxe (407) 9-Carl Roa-Lord of the strings (447) 8-Vultress-Distance (422) 7-Farfard, Antoine-Occultis Tramatis (114) 6-Hallebeek, Richard-Project II pain in the jazz (159) 5-Donati, Virgil-In this life (97) 4-Simon Phillips-Protocol II (448) 3-Dream Theater-Dream Theater (99) 2-Fates Warning-Darkness in a different light (116) 1-the Aristocrats-Culture clash (28) Keep it Heavy. In 2014! NO WEENIE TUNES! Steve Wilson was my honorable mention at #11. I just kept it out of my top 10. Because I knew EVERYBODY else was voting for it. ARGH! lol. Lot's of fun overall. Cheer's mooner's!

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