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Re: The top 20 albums of 2013.

well better late, than never...the show was aWeSome but at the time i was too swapped to shout or put in a reply here and kept putting it off till...well it's fraking MARCH already!!!!

anyway great work gentlemen i enjoyed the show...and below is my list
this was just too hard

10. Oblivion Sun The High Places
9. Fright Pig Out Of The Barnyard
8. Sanguine Hum The Weight Of The World
7. The Flower Kings Desolation Rose
6. Haken The Mountain
5. Yuka & Chronoship Dino Rocket Oxygen
4. Flicker How Much Are You Willing To Forgive?
3. Chris Days Of Summer Gone
2. Anathema Universal
1. Airbag The Greatest Show on Earth

Half Past Four - Good Things
Submarine Silence - There's Something Very
Strange In Her Little Room
Todd Rundgren - State
Traumhaus - Das Geheimnis
Camelias Garden - You Have a Chance
Fromuz - Sodom & Gomorrah
Lizard - Master & M
Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing
Violent Silence - A Broken Truce
t - Psychoanorexia

did my best to put new groups in the mix...twas an outstanding year though!
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