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New Quantum Fantay, Present Reissue, New Sontaag, Richard Pinhas Salute Tonight

Join the gagliarchives Saturday night for program 1369 as we feature new music from Belgian space rock band Quantum Fantay and their new release titled Terragaia. We'll also track a new release reissued from 2 years ago from an excellent Estonian band called Wrupk Urei and their 2012 album released this year titled Koik Saab Korda along with a new reissue from Rick Wakeman and the English Rock Ensemble from 2003 titled Out There. We'll track recent music from The Aristocrats as bassist Bryan Beller celebrates a birthday along with the recent reissue of Present's classic 1985 release Le Poison Qui Rend Fou. We'll track new self titled music in our 4th Hour Space Out from Sontaag along with lots of surprises from the vintyl vaults on their anniversaries and birthday salutes as well and we'll be featuring tracks from our #1 album for the 4th straight week in requests from the powerful Univers Zero and their release Phosphorescent Dreams.

Stay tuned for lots of surprises!
Join us in chat at

How To Listen:
Windows Media at
Quicktime at
Shoutcast at and through Aural Moon both live tonight and replayed Tuesday morning at 11AM at

Interview Podcasts:

To tune in live Saturday Night:
88.9FM/95.1FM/100.7 Philadelphia, PA; Delaware Valley Region
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