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Re: Welcome to the website discussion

Originally Posted by setsail View Post
Love your site and music.

One thing - I haven't been able to request a song for
at least two hours or more. Is the "one hour" rule kind of flexible?

Carry on.
It depends on what you're trying to request.

If it's a track that's recently played you may be barred from requesting that track again. Likewise with Artists, there are rules dictating the time between which the same artist can't be played again.

These rules apply accross the station and so if someone else requested, say, a Camel track, you will be barred from requesting that track or that artist until the necessary time has elapsed.

I hope that helps but perhaps we should have the Rules laid out in full somewhere on the Playlist/Request section of the station to make it absolutely clear to listeners and rquesters what they can or can't do.
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