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Question Re: Welcome to the website discussion

First of all : Merry Christmas to all the moonies !

Since I knew the best radio in the world I ask myself some questions about people carrying of it. I had partially answers for some of those questions but I think it would be good if all could know a little bit more of the structure of A.M. Of course very big fans of A.M. for a long time know better all these guys who are working on the site and the prog's prog' itself ^^ So they could also help to clarify all this for newbies =)
By example :
Who's the big master of the server ?
Who's the big master of the site, of the forum ?

In fact, who makes what here ! =)

And, a crucial question : I know we can send original cds to the radio, but how ? And, is it better to send money gifts or cd gifts ? Does it depend ?

"That's what radio once was, and should ever be"
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