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Angry Re: RQing RULES by the DOCTOR....

I realize that I, most likely, am the only person who will say this, but the requesting rules are far too onerous. When I can't place a request from a new to the moon album, even though I have not made any requests today. And it has been more than 22 hours since any song played from said album, at least thats what SAM tells me.

And SAMs reason I can't place this request. Album recently played.

Twenty-two hours ago.

That tells me that there are way too many in play here.
Come on... Its not like I even get close to making the maximum number of RQs per day. I doubt I even make RQs every day.

I've been listening to this net station longer than most of the current Moonies even knew the station was here. I have been understanding of the reasons the rules had to be added too over the years.

There are way too many people out there who will abuse the system, any system, that they can. I get it. But this is beyond silly. I almost feel like I would rather be doing this, , instead of placing a request.

Now if that's the effect you were going for. Bravo! Congratulations. You nailed it.

But if you did not intend to make anyone feel like this , then maybe the rules need a rewrite.

I already have too many headaches, I don't need any .

I hope no one is offended by my little rant.

Thanks for taking the time to read it.


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Governments should be afraid of their People.
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