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Re: Moon O'Poll 2013 has started

Goose asks "Why would you want to punish non member's with 1 point? And give some clueless type's 3 points?"

Because, this addresses the many uninformed votes based on the same 20 artists that become the list every year. Last year included a Led Zep Disc, A live lp and a Hackett rehash. Was this the best music made in 2012?

Very few people have the much wider view that You and other patrons do. I would wager that you have dozens of more 2013 releases then the average member.
Patrons have a that wider knowledge of the new releases. Many informal members are still trapped in the 20th Century classics and have not turned the page as you have. They came to this Station in search of Yes and E,L and P era players.

1 point is what we all have now, are we being punished ? No this is the baseline.

2 points for patrons seems reasonable for more informed listeners. We buy the tickets, we should have closer seats.

3 points for the Hosts... a Definite yes. Here is your list of ''clueless types''. Did you know that the three Hosts of the Moon-o-poll represent 150 years of Prog experience? Jam is already an administrator and a key prog expert. Rogormortis has purchased over 300 new recordings in 2013 and is the information guru of Auralmoon. Last and not least is Mr Keithie Waye, an acknowledged expert on our gender. Mr Waye has seen more live shows then anyone and has been involved in this medium for almost a Half century. He is a founding father of the Patrons list having been with us for more then a decade.

There are 3 other hosts. Yespaz has been cutting edge here with his diverse tastes for over a decade. He keeps us honest and out of our comfort Zone. Dale also has the chops to understand the importance of new music. Question? Is there anybody that listens to more 2013 releases then Mat(thefish)? I think not. Probably the most informed man on the Moon except maybe.......

5 points for Jim. the One man that could blindly tell you 95% of his new adds off the top of his head. The man whose list is based on skill not normally seen or appreciated. Every year his list has few top 10 artists but all the best talent and musicianship produced in the year.

the weighting is an idea. A way to get new quality in the list and less same old stars.... its just an idea

personal attacks seem to give you joy,
Merry Christmas goo
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