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Re: site is a mess in opera 11.60

I do check and I've checked the Aural Moon web site with several browsers on both Linux and Safari. It just so happened that I had the latest Opera on my Linux and I saw no page degradation, so I didn't go further. When WebDragon posted this thread, I promptly installed the latest (11.60) Opera on my Mac and it too displays the web site without these purported errors. I don't (I won't) do WEENDOZE, so I cannot comment on how Opera behaves on it but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that WebDragon is using Opera on WEENDOZE.

The AM page is really pretty simple. CSS and lots of <DIV>s. There are few graphics too. It's all composed by Joomla CMS. If it were that bad, I'd suspect I'd have seen reports of problems WRT Joomla's use on other sites.
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