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Originally Posted by sharcnorris
To celebrate our new Look Forum ( I love this OLIAS mode), I want to know, What discs are you playing in your own world right now.
The best part of being a moonie is finding the Quality recordings that thrill us Prog listeners. As We get a New disc, rediscover an old favorite, or get an old classic for the first time, I would love to here your opinion. My old Carousel disc player would hold 5 Cd's. Usually 3 were in for a month with rotation in the other slots. So in this vein:
What do you think of the new....Fill in the blank
What can't you stop playing?
What disc has held your interest for awhile?
Which Tracks knock you out?
And of course, What new CD's disappoint, good at first then forgotten later, and finally, what discs are just bad
So enter often! Tell us What you think updated for the years to come each time you get something new!!
well everyone seems to be doing a top 5 instead of sharc's 5 questions..

that goes to show that the Moonies are a nice group, and only answer the questions that don't cause controversy
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