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I'll skip what I listen to as part of Aural Moon duties.

Currently receiving lots of playing time at Chez pdj:

Counting Crows - Hard Candy (the songs "Miami" and "Up All Night" are the current faves - though most of the album has cycled through that role)
Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang - if you like the Stones, this is their best album since Tatoo You, and maybe even further back. if you don't like the Stones, you won't like this
Thomas Dolby - Astronauts And Heretics - fairly old, but I've popped it on a few times recently
Djam Karet - Recollection Harvest - oh yeah
Montrose - Inertia - good bluesy jamming album
Aimee Mann - The Forgotten Arm - good new album, a bit mellower than some of her stuff but still solid songwriting
Todd Rundgren - Liars - his best in quite awhile. solid
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