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Red face sorry i didn't get it right the first time

just starting a new book on the commute so i needed new backgrounds...trusty mp3 is playing:

philip glass - piano solos; found these all very haunting (cannot get them out my head), were played as music on BSG episode noticed it right away and had to have it...very pensive.

van der graaf generator - from Present cd2 what can i say, getting my Graaf on! while i love all of it these improves proof irresistable. also selections W, Arrow and Ship of fools from the I prophesy disaster cd...gotta have peter screeching in my ears.

tortoise - It's All Around You, though Crest is my favorite i find the other somewhat ambient, free form scapes are addictive...find myself humming some of the vocals when i least expect to.

zenpool - Kharmonics, some very soothing rythms, as well as, some powerfully moving selections just right for reading stories of Warrior-like invasions.carl does a great job on this celtic-like music. makes for a nice backdrop.

hey Jnite...ive got some Beaver & Kraust too, cant remember if i'd ever put them in the thread about new music

and sharc you had me laughing uncontrollably.

gonna keep this playlist for
anyway that's my current list and i'm listening to it.
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