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Re: Idiot Guest Shouters

Originally Posted by Rick and Roll View Post
You've blocked my emails and I have a bad address for dot lee. Davin and Jim are the only contacts I have, so server issues and password changes were not relayed to me. I get them eventually.

Mossy does not sign in because she needs to leave on a dime. I have the same issue.

Also, if others see her name as logged in, they will pester her with shouts. Is there a way to require log in but not show the name as logged in? I would log in if that was the case.

Jim is a nice guy with everybody and that's quite a gift since tastes and mental health differ a lot from one to another. Not trying to form any group within a group by saying that.

I wasn't the one to insult Eloy, but i personnally think that some smart registered shouters are much more pissing off than just one shouting alone like this and fainting a second class hero.
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