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Re: Idiot Guest Shouters

Originally Posted by roger View Post
mossy, why do you need to log out before you hit the X?
I think she was just saying that was one choice. If she's not logged in, all she has to do is hit the x. If you're not logged in you don't need to log out. but you knew that.

Thank you for posting Mossy. For some reason there was a perception that I did not support logging in. I do. However, think about this everyone:

If you need to log in to shout, when you shout we all know who it is - your name is on the shout, shout let it on out (oops I just foreshadowed my next show...tonight there will be details).

I see no need to put on the main page who is logged in. It's really not a necessity. Why not just say how many are logged in? Mossy is exactly right when a) if you're not there and logged in it looks like you're ignoring people, and 2) the name stays on. I've logged out and seen my name on there later also.

So can we just require log-ins and not have the names up and just do it?
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