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Re: Idiot Guest Shouters

Hi roger, actually it's not the logging out, it's the logging in LOL!!

Rick, I think you like to do it properly and log out completely. I just use the "x" and close the browser.

I like Rick's idea of not having the list of people who are online, because often I don't have time to chat, I only have time to look and see what everyone else is chatting about. Being on the list but not saying anything feels rude and I'd rather not be on it when I only have time to lurk.

If I remember correctly, we never used to list who was in black, we only listed who was in white and the forums.

This is all getting a bit detailed for the capacity of my brain, but this is what I support for what it's worth:

Logging in to use everything on the site including black

Doing away with the list of who's online

By the end of this thread KW will be drowning himself down at his local
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