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Re: Script-Kiddies, CitiBank and other over the top bs.

Originally Posted by PeterG View Post
VAX, i wonder if the script kiddies think that if they hack the site they are going to find Gigs 'o Gigs of music?

I'll bet that they do not know that the music is not stored here.

They're not looking for music; they're looking to use the web site as a rogue outpost to do their dirty deeds. Exploiting a hole in one of the Joomla PHP scripts (which I have now closed), they were able to have the AM web site run their own scripts located on OTHER servers. Of course, we get the fingers pointed at us when this occurs.

FWIW, there has been very little activity on the AM server (and my router's flashing LEDs prove that out) other than what there should be since I plugged this hole and one other I found doing some googling.
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