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Re: Hardward replacement & Upgrade Fund

Matching Grant Challenge

I am a relative newbie here on Aural Moon, but in my short time as a member I have to say that the site and the community have enriched my life. And I know it has enriched many of my fellow members too, as evident from the lively discussion in the Shoutbox each day and the active participation in Show’s and themed days. (We are also not shy to complain when something is not working properly on the site – LOL).

That’s why it’s important that we all do what we can to support the effort to upgrade the hardware that delivers this great experience that is Aural Moon.

To that end, I issue a challenge to all Moonsters. For each $1 another member contributes to the upgrade fund through the end of October, 2010, I will match $1, up to a total of $250.

Get out your checkbooks folks – time is a wasting…
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