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An Aural Moon special series

Since I'm going to do a show of American Prog on our Independence day, I thought it could possibly raise the ire of our non American Moonies.

So I came up with the idea of doing a series separate special For each of the countries that have a sizable presence in Progressive rock.

Jim and I (and Mariocc) kicked it around last night and here is a rough sketch.

The show will coincide (somewhat) with the countries founders day, or independence day (however it's referred to). This poses problems to be worked out later. Like: When was England founded? Is there a hard date?

The show will feature that countries prog bands.

I will let moonies from said country (If there are any) do the song selection. (with guidance ) 1 hour I think. In the case of England 1 hour won't cut it.

Well, that's the Germ. Details to be worked out.

What say you Moonies?
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