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Re: An Aural Moon special series

Originally Posted by PeterG View Post
An hour of Canadian prog... So... We'll play one and a half Rush albums?
Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Do Make Say Think are Canadian. Just saying.

[quote=TheFish;46487]Since I'm going to do a show of American Prog on our Independence day, I thought it could possibly raise the ire of our non American Moonies.[quote]Why should this raise any ire? Yes, we're a worldwide community and have worldwide musical representation, and even had a long-running show called Progressive Shores which featured a different country each week. That said, AM was started in American, is based in America, is owned by an American. Why should it be weird to do an American Prog show on Independence Day? If AM were based out of Italy I'd not be offended by and Italian prog show on March 16th. Makes sense to. Sorry if I made anyone angry, but I don't see the issue.
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