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How to turn a pic into a gif....

Hi buds, Ive been asked how to do this. If the pic is in your computer it doesnt have a URL address . So... buy putting it here, you can give it one.

Start by clicking POST REPLY.......
1) Click the paperclip above.
2) A pop-up box will appear for attachment, click Browse and up load a picture from your computer.
3) now click upload in that box.Name:  duke_img11.jpg
Views: 434
Size:  6.1 KB
4) Close the pop-up
5)Click the down arrow next to the paperclip,then click on the Pics name, this will place your pic in your forum post
6)Sometimes it shows a link instead of the pic, if so ,click on it and copy the URL.
7)If the pic is showing, right click on it then click properties and the URL will appear...
8) copy the URL
9)Put image tags around it [img]
and [/img]
10) put that in shout.... you should have that pic as a gif now.... good luck

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