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Re: What CD's Are you Playing Right Now? Top 5

I love to do list like this.
What I am currently using to melt my mind are:
1. Hibernal - The Replacements (2014) from Brisbane, Australia.
2. The Dear Hunter - Act V: Hymns with the Devil in the Confessional (2016) from Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
3. Fernando Refay - The Day We Came to Realize (2014) from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
4. John Ellis - Double Wide Charm (2015) from New York, NY, USA.
5. Hominido - Aledos (2016) from Valdivia, Chile.
and also bcause I feel like a little jazz today,
6. Winding, Mangelsdorff, Watrous, Whigham - Trombone Summit (1981) from everywhere.
7. Bill Watrous and the Manhattan Wildlife Refuge - s/t (1974) from NY, NY, USA.
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