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Re: What CD's Are you Playing Right Now? Top 5

Hello friends...looking for randomly among my cds,,I took and now playing the only electronic stuff that I listen time to time ...fantastic work from 1993,,of a british duo,,, ULTRAMARINE ,,,a timeless recording to me. I ve never was into electronic stuff,,but this one is beyond that scenario,,,we hear a little folk background....solos with that british side of jazz on them and of course a clear recognition of canterbury scene,, we find Robert Wyatt singing couple of tracks,, Jimmy Hastings of Caravan,,,and some others. Brilliant ! !
I got it early 94,,and since then it has been always present.

you can hear an extended edition,,,on google play,,the original album has 12 tracks.
I haven t heard this extended edition,,,

maybe a fast way to get an idea ll+album

cheers amigos !!!
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