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Progressive Music Awards Voting!

I received the below email from Thieves Kitchen requesting my this group and wish to share the context of the message with you all...We can vote for what we like...prog on moonbeams!

Dear friends,

Thieves' Kitchen have been nominated for an award at this year's
Progressive Music Awards. We are incredibly honoured to have been
recognised in this way, and are indebted to PROG magazine and to our
fans and friends around the world for getting us this far.

Our nomination is in the 'Limelight' category, "saluting the brightest young
rising stars in the progressive sky today", and the winner is the band with
the most online votes. This is where you come in!

We are reaching out to all of you, asking that you visit the Progressive Music
Awards page at and take one
minute to vote for Thieves' Kitchen in the 'Limelight' category.

As a little arm-twister, the Awards website is offering everyone who votes
the chance to win a bumper goodie bag featuring something from every
band nominated in this year's Awards!

The Progressive Music Awards are presented at a glittering bash on 11
September at the Underglobe, below Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on
London's South Bank, where the great and the good of the progressive
music universe mingle with top selling groups and rising stars. Also up for
awards this year are Steve Hackett, Roger Waters, King Crimson, Yes, Ian
Anderson, Big Big Train, Knifeworld and many more.

Thank you all, as always, for supporting the band. We couldn't keep doing it
without you!

Peace and good wishes,
Amy, Phil and Thomas - Thieves' Kitchen
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