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Re: Hackers, Lamers and Script Kiddies

Originally Posted by Rick and Roll View Post
I have always been an Al Gore fan. Even though no politician is perfect, and most are not even close, I have admired his positions. I always thought this statement was wrong - I can't believe someone would be as stupid as to say something so blatantly false, and it turns out he never did. I'd never checked before, and I finally decided to.

Follow these links and you will see how the words were taken out of context. Agreed, the context is somewhat self-serving, but I don't believe most of what politicians say anyway.

Before you say I selectively picked these links, bear in mind that the first page when I googled it all defended the misquote.
OK, since we're already having this discussion.

I cannot fathom how snopes can say "false", then print a QUOTE from Al Gore that says (again I QUOTE) "I took the initiative in creating the internet." Huh? Al Gore said he created the internet. That is not an opinion, an interpretation, or supposition. It is a fact. Saying that he didn't mean it that way IS an interpretation, and it may even be accurate. I don't know or care. But he did say it.

I am not going to go into my opinions on Al Gore, as that is probably TOO far down the politics path. (And I don't mean to censor any topics - if people want to discuss politics, go ahead.... )

And for the record, his science on "global warming" is suspect at best. We may be experiencing global warming, but we do not have enough understanding of the macro picture of climatic variations to say so with certainty. Anyone who says we do has a political agenda. I don't go on about this a lot, even though as a scientist it drives me nuts, since most of the things people are suggesting be done to combat it are probably good things anyway.

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