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Re: History of Aural Moon

The concept and term FAFF is something I learned from my friend Alan. It felt good to be able to put a name to something I'd been doing all my life, and to be able to explore and hone the art of FAFF with other faffists.

Yes Keithie, the Morning Crew elevated faffing to new heights, and it's something we all continue to this day (though not at 4 am PST). In those days, on the old site, "white" saw alot of action. I remember the day it was implemented and took over from the shoutbox as the main place to communicate. Unfortunately white did alot of booting in those days, something the new less used white (now blue) seems to engage in.

Anyway...since Alan has recently joined the Moon, I wanted to recognize him for this most important contribution to Moon Culture.

And....THANK YOU DAVIN! You shared at one point how you decided on the name for the station. Could you share that again? I think we also have to mention (since we're talking about Moon history), the Moon Anniversary Party we had a couple of years back where we set up a 24 hour faff in white. Who lasted the course? I think you can guess..... two and jamforte.
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