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Re: History of Aural Moon

Originally Posted by mossy View Post
I think we also have to mention (since we're talking about Moon history), the Moon Anniversary Party we had a couple of years back where we set up a 24 hour faff in white. Who lasted the course? I think you can guess..... two and jamforte.
I've severely decreased my faff quotient in the last year. However, the Moon party was one of the best and weirdest days of my life. I got up about 6AM and stayed on almost continuously until past midnight. Didn't go outside, didn't even get out of the pajamas.....I think we had 20+ people in the white box.

It was also the first time I played a show on the Moon, although months before I got a time slot. Many of us were invited by Jim and Avian to create a show to play. It was fantastic. I'm sure the thread for the big day is still around somewhere. The last show was Quantum Jo's rocker, featuring tons of Gamalon.

Thanks for reminding me about that Mossy....
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