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Re: History of Aural Moon

OK I joined Aural Moon for the first time 08-09-2001 under the signature of cpp - I was only a listener for 2 years until I finally established my Rogor Mortis signature in April 2004 - I had to as I had forgotten my original password. So I've been active ever since and like KW I will say it has made a change. My wife is so jealous of AM as it's such a community of souls who one cares for and follows. Who needs soaps on TV..........

I have since listening to Am bought so many CD as I have and discovered so much music I didn't know existed. The eighties for me and partly the nineties have been the dark ages of prog. But with AM I've been enlightened.

Thanks to Avian for his hard pioneering work and to Jim carrying on. It was nice to hear that Avian is still around as i haven't seen him for a long time. Avian it's time to update the Joomla.............
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