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Re: Hackers, Lamers and Script Kiddies

Originally Posted by Rick and Roll View Post
There always been a few misnomers that have bothered me. One is the fact that the 2nd Amendment gives you the right to bear arms (it does not, however, the right has been legislated throught time and is valid).
Recent SCOTUS decision upheld the right to keep and bear arms. There has not been an opinion handed down yet regarding the regulation thereof.

Originally Posted by Rick and Roll View Post
I have always been an Al Gore fan. Even though no politician is perfect, and most are not even close, I have admired his positions. I always thought this statement was wrong - I can't believe someone would be as stupid as to say something so blatantly false, and it turns out he never did. I'd never checked before, and I finally decided to.

Follow these links and you will see how the words were taken out of context. Agreed, the context is somewhat self-serving, but I don't believe most of what politicians say anyway.
We all know what he said. Al Gore is an egomaniacal histrionic idiot.
Originally Posted by Al Gore
During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.
Right from your link and the transcript of the Wolf Blitzer interview. No level of revisionist history will change it... save for perhaps usenet alt.history.revisionism.

Sorry, but by 1991 the internet was well established. I had an email address as early as 1983.

The earliest RFC for the "internet" is dated 1969. Vint Cerf (one of the true father's of the internet) wrote his first RFC (RFC 13) in 1969.

1976 DEC released the 4 PLA LSI-11 which enjoyed widespread employment as one of the first packet switches (routers) for most of the internet. IIRC, Al Gore was elected for his first term in the House in 1976. Does Al drive a DeLorean with a flux capacitor?

ARPAnet, MILnet, NSFnet... all existed before Al Gore.

in 1987 I was managing an entire class B subnet of the internet.

What Al Gore did -- well, congress -- was to open the door for AOL and others after we (the US) were bested by CIX creating Endless September. This post is dated: 5338 Sept. 1993

Originally Posted by Rick and Roll View Post
Before you say I selectively picked these links, bear in mind that the first page when I googled it all defended the misquote.

Same thing happens to a lot of Bush quotes too. So while I appreciate your hard work and and generally find the politics/Microsoft bashing amusing (although a bit tiresome), you have to agree that this is just a false label to hang.
So what? Nothing false. He said it!

Originally Posted by Rick and Roll View Post
Of course, if you still want to quote him as such, go for it - everyone else does. they're not smart enough to think for themselves, they just quote what they hear as fact, to get a laugh. F'in hardy har har.
You've completely missed the humor. Al Gore tried to usurp a claim upon something he had nothing to do with and those, like myself, who had and have been developing, managing and using the internet before his statement, find it humorous to be sardonic.
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