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Re: Hackers, Lamers and Script Kiddies

Originally Posted by progdirjim View Post
Is it too much to ask to not bring up politics in the forums? Just asking...
No, it's not. I'm fairly inactive in news and events, so I miss a lot. For instance, people have a fascination for Ron Paul. In the Salem Hill groups on Yahoo, many of the subscribers stand by him. I was trying to get some information to see what the big attraction was, and the moderator pretty much said the same thing, Jim. Seems that there was a big to do some time ago about religion/politics and they didn't want to re-open old wounds.

What was disappointing was that I really wanted a discussion - all you hear is one-sided (each way) and it is difficult to get real information. And even Carl Groves (Salem Hill, who's active in the thread) thought the discussion would have been worthwhile. But as usual, my busy lifestyle won out and I figured it wasn't worth it. The same will happen here.

A bit of a shame, because Methem comes up with some really interesting stuff (also he's emailed me all kinds of varied music items, and his buildings thread here is fascinating).

I continue to search for the person/group that can discuss religion and politics without getting their dander up. Thanks for the reminder Jim, I'll keep these items out of the forums.

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