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Re: Hackers, Lamers and Script Kiddies

Originally Posted by Rick and Roll View Post
vax said: "What Al Gore did -- well, congress -- was to open the door for AOL and others after we (the US) were bested by CIX creating Endless September. This post is dated: 5338 Sept. 1993"


Vax, following the link, the three sentences below that quote explain what he meant. He never said he invented the internet, just created an environment for it to grow. Agreed, that's a pompous thing to say. And I believe he regretted that (at least I hope he did). It's very evident what was meant by reading the whole thing.
The fact is that he made the statement and I'm not the first to make light of his histrionic blabbermouthing. When I find Al's name in an amongst the documents maintained by the IETF and IANA (deprecated) -- where you will find my name -- I'll give him a little leeway.

Originally Posted by Rick and Roll View Post
Like I said, you can quote it all you want....follow the sheep.
Sheep? It's sardonic humor. I noticed you didn't pick on the sardonic jab at Bill Gates. Time Magazine's Top 100 listed him as creating the computer.

Anyway, now that this thread has been hijacked into politics, guns, policing, Salem Hill and Carl Groves, and scientology movies, I suppose the initial precept of the thread has been lost.
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