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Re: Jon Anderson interview.

Originally Posted by TheFish View Post
Jon: They're playing music that I didn't write so what do I care?

Jon: They just went out as Yes, and obviously, without me or Rick, they're not really Yes. It's just that when people pay to see their favorite band, they want to see who they want to see, of course.
Jon is one of my favorite musicians of all time, but he's a total tool sometimes. These two quotes are such crap. By his definition of Yes, there are TEN Yes studio albums that he's on that are not "Yes" because Rick's not on them. Guys, get out a sharpie and scratch out the "Yes" logo on Yes, Time and a Word, The Yes Album, Relayer, 90125, Big Generator, Talk, Open Your Eyes, The Ladder, and Magnification. Jon's ego is more bloated than any two other musicians not named Dennis DeYoung.

As for the "They're playing music that I didn't write so what do I care?" bit - this is so ridiculously hypocritical it makes me want to find Jon and smack him upside the head, except I've got him by 130 pounds and he'd likely explode. Jon fought to get "Rhythm of Love" played on the OYE tour, and "Hearts" on the Ladder tour, even though Steve Howe wanted nothing to do with it. Rabin played Howe; Howe played Rabin and Banks. Alan's been playing Bill stuff for years. Every keyboardist has been playing other people's stuff. Poor, poor Jon for being asked EVERY TOUR to do "Tempus Fugit" and refusing because "I didn't write it and that Yes album doesn't count." Bullcrap. To quote Jon himself:

Watch from where it starts to 1:19.
Feels like I'm fiddling while Rome is burning down.
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