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Re: Lyle Mays

Ted hi,,maybe , just maybe ,,
also a part of us "dies" as well when one of our references die,,,,besides,,most of us are 50 and more. Our perception of life and time is tricky. Who knows.

I m a huge fan of him. His debut album opened for me a new huge new ambit in music,,especially because I heard for very first time to Bill Frisell s electric guitar,, he changed completely my perception of the electric guitar in instrumental music/jazz. Sound, phrasing, language, ,,besides the natural gift to create musical ideas. When you are 21 years old,,that is really something. More if you are trying to play it.
Then,,you just follow connecting the dots that you feel and think they are significant.

Few things in life give us the opportunity to make good changes,,, Mays and his masterpiece made it with me that time. My gratitude is huge.

Chess fan,,math fan,, self thought architect,,comp. programmer ...a giant as a composer and keyboard player. His harmonic approach, chords, melodic ideas,, arrengments,keyboard settings were just awsome.

Greetings to you TEd

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