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Re: Porcupine Tree Reunion

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very prescient photo ....
Colin was already looking elsewhere

Hi ramon
..if they tell you that your group will remain on standby for a while
.... And after 12 years pass and they ask you to leave again…
.. maybe you don't want to be part of a band again….
Also because 12 years is such a long time that it allows you
to have many of those experiences that in the end make you
decide to continue staying on your new path .... And this could
be my possible hypothesis on Colin's non-adhesion to the
new PT project ... but Colin will surely clarify his position in his
first interview ... .. Meanwhile, the adhesion to the new PTs has
been greatly emphasized on social media by Steven and by
Gavin…. Richard hasn't published anything but he may just
be addicted to the fact that he loves social media less and in
any case his contribution is essential in the sound of PT.

In Italy in recent days a very long interview with Steven Wilson
has been published, dating back to the last concert in Italy when
he was in promotion for "Hand. Cannot. Erase. "
Very happy to be in Italy and to come back because it was
the first country that granted him success and where he wanted
his first live to be recorded…. He opened up giving a lot of information
.... It was enough to ask a very short question to get a very long
answer where for example he clarifies the break 12 years ago with
the other members of PT…. His technique to give new life to
albums of the past ... ..
and that for me is his worst album and that is "THE FUTURE BITES"
which I defined HORRIBLE for Steven has very important elements
stemming from his approach to the world of music and he does
not mind writing pop music pieces that could be played on the
radio commercial …… so The Future Bites doesn't consider it a
mistake but a part of its musical goals…. I respect the thought
of him…. But I don't move away from defining it ... Horrible.
I would have liked to translate the very long interview and
publish it…. But it will be on newsstands for the whole month
of November and you don't want to cause me problems ... ..
but when I have time to tell the most important elements
in my own words, I Can Do It.

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