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Re: Patrons... Stand Up And Be Counted

Originally Posted by jrstudioboss View Post
You mean that there are only 38 out of 2764 registered users actually supporting this? Come on parasites, you spend more than $50 on a concert and beers in one night; whether you use the 128 stream or not, it's time to pony up! There are lots of names I see in the shout box all the time that aren't on the list... need I say more. Thanks Vax, Jim, et all for your time and cash put into this and letting us enjoy the fruits of your investments!!!
For the record, there aren't 2764 actual listeners. Many of these register, listen for a week, and disappear. For the other issue, some of us are poor, and don't drink beer or go to many concerts. My last one was in 2006.
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