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Re: Flower Kings new cd in one word

91 views so far and nobody has commented on this post
..... schupdoggy ... you emphasize the lack of discussion ... I wrote "Intelligent Quozient" on the new IQ album that has so far done 2258 views and no comment from the others ... not for this reason I think that my post was not appreciated .... and even if it had not been appreciated .... I am happy to have been able to express my opinion on the group and on the album ... then there are those who have a different opinion in positive and negative and do not want to make explicit in a post remains in the freedom of the people .... I'll give you your example on the album of flower kings .... if you I had written that this album has nothing exceptional ... maybe I would have written my opinion ... but being in agreement with your judgment the stimulus does not start ... however schupdoggy I understand what you say ... and I am in agreement on greater participation but must still remain the freedom of participate ... and if the comments do not arrive then it does nothing ...
there is always the music to listen to on AM which is the most important thing
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